The Phaistos Disc – Is the mystery of the century disclosed


There is the island near Europe, called Crete. It is located in the center of the Mediterranean, 110 km from Europe, 175 km from Asia and 300 km from Africa. The island has long been a natural-geographical intersection of maritime routes.

At the present day it is the largest island of modern Greece, which remains the biggest historical mystery to its nearest neighbor — Europe. According to the legends, On Crete was arisen the first conception about Zeves (Zeus) — «Lord of all the gods and men». On this island, the legendary king Mina (Minos) rules, «which all the sages of the world praise and admire his wisdom and acts, because he was the first who made up the laws — how to live and how to manage». There was developed one of the mysterious civilizations of mankind, conventionally called with the name — «Minoan».

Although it is considered that it gave birth to the development of European civilization and culture, but only at the end of XIX century the Crete gradually began to slightly open the secrets of its history, thanks to the efforts and sensational discoveries of archaeologists.

So on this island there are the ruins of the ancient city of Phaistos (Phaistos, Phaestus, Festos). During the excavations it was discovered the clay disc with printed hieroglyphs, which, unlike the city itself, is remained completely.
At the present day this disc named for the place of discovery Phaistos is the oldest printed text found within the modern European states (Greece belongs to them).

It would seem that the efforts of the Europeans were to be directed to the translation in order to understand the origins of their civilization, but these efforts are insignificant, and the results, unfortunately, are unfortunate.
So, for over a hundred years the Phaistos disc is constantly haunt the minds of researchers. Almost every year, on the surface raises another sensation about its final decoding. Whatever they find in the Phaistos disc: the names of cities, the names of the kings, the anthem of the sacrifice, the cry of the Slavic tribe of abandonment of their homeland, the legend of the creation of Atlantis, the text of the prayer to Zeus, and the lunar calendar, the system of astronomical knowledge of ancient Cretans and analog for Egyptian game Senet, a monument of Greek poetry, and even a secret mobilization plan for the deployment of military forces of Crete.

However the pluralism of opinions is not pluralism of truths, and the truth as is remained, and remains the one. Sooner or later it always comes to the light, because, as you know, «time — is the wisest thing, because it reveals everything and puts on its place».

And, maybe, now it is the main point of disclosure of this mystery, which I call «the mystery of ignorance of science».

To the discovery of my work is dedicated, entitled «Hieroglyphs of the Phaistos disc: the history and full translation of the text». This work I have tried to present the most consequentially, logically consistently, clear and the most important- easy to check on the level of translation, not only by linguists, and even by mathematicians.

So, I invite all of you to get acquainted with the Phaistos disc.

To make this acquaintance the most productive, I suggest to read directly the complete translation of the hieroglyphic text of the Phaistos disc at first.

Best wishes in the Enlightenment for me and all of you,
Vitaly Surnin